Automata Magazine is for makers, collectors, and lovers of automata. The publication covers all aspects of these fascinating machines, including collecting them, their history, building them, restoring them, and anything else connected with automata. The magazine also includes a gallery of readers’ work, reviews of books and products that might be of interest to automatists, and appropriate event listings. Automata Magazine is published online around the first of every second month (i.e., January, March, May, etc.) in PDF format. No magazine can exist without the support of its readers. If you’d like to write an article for Automata Magazine, we invite your submissions. Everyone has something to contribute. Everything you’ll need to know about writing an article can be found here. We look forward to hearing from you.

About the Editor

Marc Horovitz has been building automata for over 20 years, having been inspired by Paul Spooner’s work at Cabaret Mechanical Theatre in the 1980s, at that time in Covent Garden in London. He works primarily in wood and metal. You can see his work here. Marc’s automata are in The Modern Automata Museum (Montopoli di Sabina, Italy), la Parenth√®se (Nancy, France), and Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum (Farmington Hills, Michigan, US). His pieces have been accepted twice for exhibition in the Arkansas Art Center’s annual “Toys Designed by Artists” show, and were represented by Thunderstruck Gallery in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They also reside in various private collections. Marc has been a magazine editor since 1984, when he and his wife Barbara started Garden Railways magazine. He stayed on as editor when the magazine was sold to Kalmbach Publishing Company (now Kalmbach Media) in 1996, and he left the magazine in 2018.