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This publication covers all aspects of these fascinating machines, including collecting them, their history, building them, restoring them, and anything else connected with automata.

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What is an automaton?
An automaton (plural, automata) is a representational kinetic sculpture. It contains moving human or animal figures or recognizable inanimate objects from real life, and is mechanically driven, either by a hand crank or motor.

In the early days, the goal of the automata artist was to replicate life as closely as possible. With the advent of contemporary automata, that goal has shifted somewhat. Humor, whimsicality, and fanciful situations have come to the fore. Still, automata, old and new, share certain characteristics and, regardless of their builders’ backgrounds, are expressions of artistic endeavor.

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An Allegory of Love by Paul Spooner
Cecilia Schiller - Seeking Solace and Inspiration in the Office of Dr. Flowers.
In the Office of Dr. Flowers by Cecilia Schiller
Pulpo by David Bowman
Mechanism from Walter by Marc Horovitz

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