Automata Magazine is pleased to offer these books in downloadable PDF format for purchase. Each book has been assembled from unabridged articles that have appeared in Automata Magazine over several years. Prices reflect the number of pages in each digital book.

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Automata For Beginners Book

Automata for Beginners

by Sarah Reast

All of Sarah’s popular columns up through the May-June 2022 issue have been compiled into this attractive book. Her practical wisdom on making automata is now available in one place. Included are chapters on wood, glues, cams, linkages, tools, different ways of achieving motion, and much more. Regardless if you’re a beginner or a more advanced maker, there is a lot of valuable information in this volume.

64 pages


How to make pinwheel gears, one-way cranks and worm gears book

How to Make Pinwheel Gears, One-Way Cranks, and Worm Gears

by Marc Horovitz

Pinwheel gears are commonly used in automata. This book describes two methods of making them, step by step. Worms and worm gears for slow-speed action are described in detail, including a two-way worm. One-way cranks to prevent damage to automata are also covered. A description of how gears are used in a gravity-powered automaton finishes out the book.

27 pages